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How to cleanse your aura at home

Your aura is the electromagnetic energy field surrounding your physical body. The word 'aura' stems from the Greek word for 'breeze' as it shows up in wavy patterns and colors.

It reflects your emotions, your mood, your physical wellbeing and your overall vibe.

We are sensitive beings. What happens around us and inside of us influences our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being. Good health, happiness, gratitude, joy and positivity will make your aura radiant and glowing. We all know that one person who lights up an entire room just by their presence. Difficult experiences such as trauma, loss, a stressful environment, illness, aggression or simply being overworked or exhausted, not only take their toll on your wellbeing but eventually also show up in your auric field. Even when these type of experiences happen around you and not directly to you, your sensitivity may pick up energetic debris from the situation. As a result you can feel negative, anxious, lethargic, irritated or impatient. When your aura gets clogged with unwanted debris, doing a cleanse at home can be a great help. Choose one or more of the following steps.

  • Take an aura cleansing bath or shower. This is a ritualistic process using salts, essential oils or sacred herbs. Fill your bathtub and take one cup of fine Himalaya sea salt. Add a few drops of sage, sandalwood, rose, rosemary or lavender essential oil to the salt and mix it through. (Note: Please make sure to only use high quality pure essential oils and never fragrance oils!) If you don't have essential oils you can mix dried rosemary, sage or lavender flowers in with the salt. Dissolve the salt into the warm water and soak yourself in the bath for min. 10 minutes. When you do the aura cleanse in a shower, moisten your skin and rub the salt all over your body, like a scrub. Then rinse yourself off, while you visualize the shower water to be a golden color. Imagine the golden water washing around you as well as through you, cleansing and healing your aura. If you experience difficulty with visualizations, just pretend you are visualizing. It will still work.

  • Smudging. Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs and using the smoke to cleanse your aura. One of the most well-known practices is using dried white sage but you can also use cedar, thyme or Palo Santo. Light your herb bundle like an incense stick and let the smoke gently flow all around your body.

  • Use our Aura Cleansing Mist. The Aura Cleansing Mist by Newhealing Botanicals is a smokeless and alcohol-free purifier of unwanted energetic residue and can be used in every environment, such as at work, at home and in your car. Each bottle contains a smoky quartz crystal and high-vibrational organic essential oils such as white sage, rosemary and frankincense. Smoky quartz is the perfect crystal for letting go, grounding and getting rid of emotional and energetic baggage. Smoky quartz can assist you in moving on towards a brighter future. White sage cleanses, purifies and calms while Frankincense, the 'king of essential oils', eases anxiety, enhances mindfulness and boosts immunity. Rosemary soothes and rejuvenates in this botanical blend. Close your eyes and spray your Aura Cleansing Mist between 3-6 times around the top of your head in a circular motion, allowing the droplets to fall into your aura/energy field. Use as often as you need. Shake before use.

  • Aura Combing. Before you start this cleansing practice make sure to wash and dry your hands. Find a quiet and comfortable place in your home. As an option, place 2 drops of our Inner Shine Oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub your palms together. Now start 'combing' the space around your body with your hands, from top to toe. While you are 'combing' visualize your auric field being cleansed. If visualizations are difficult for you just pretend to be visualizing. It wil still work. When you have combed your entire aura, thoroughly wash and dry your hands to get rid of the unwanted debris.

  • Affirmations or Mantras. Another effective way to cleanse your aura by sitting in a quiet space and closing your eyes. See yourself being surrounded by a white/golden light. Let the light flow around you and through you. Start chanting the mantra or say the affirmation you have selected and repeat it out loud until you feel the message vibrating through your body. Write your mantra or positive affirmation down on a piece of paper and carry it with you wherever you go. Repeat the mantra cleanse several times over the course of one week. It will strengthen your energy field.

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