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Creating Sacred Space at Home

A sacred space is a designated area in your home where you can connect with your inner self, a place of comfort. A special space that will help you to release the strains and stresses of everyday life and to tune into yourself ... a personal refuge, just for you. To simply sit and listen to your soul, letting your intuition lead the way.

Sacred spaces can be created anywhere. A small corner in your home, an entire room if you have the space, a shelf, a closet, even on a table top. The most important thing is that it feels quiet, comforting, relaxing and calming to you. Once you have designated the right place for your sacred space, the following steps will help you to create your own little sanctuary.

  • Clear your chosen space from clutter, distractions, electronic pollution or anything that could attract negative energy. Your sacred space is where you do nothing but meditate, contemplate, pray, write, daydream etc.

  • Get creative. Decorate your sacred space with a few images or symbols of strength. Place a candle, crystals, a plant or a small bunch of flowers. Anything that represents calm and peace to you. It's all good. Adding natural elements infuses grounding energy.

  • Use aromatherapy and/or soft relaxing music to let go of distractions or negativity, to center your mind and to connect with your inner wisdom.

  • You can spray our Sacred Space Mist, containing fragrant essential oils such as Palo Santo (Holy Wood), white sage and bergamot. Each bottle of Sacred Space Mist holds a Labradorite crystal and a piece of Palo Santo heartwood. This wood is traditionally used by healers and shamans for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. Labradorite crystal promotes higher consciousness and bridges the physical realms and heavens, bringing your dreams and aspirations within reach.

  • Light a candle, diffuse healing essential oils, meditate or close your eyes and breathe consciously for just a few minutes, soaking up the peaceful energy.

Children also love to have their own little peaceful havens. This is why they love dens, treehouses and other small 'secret' spaces as they fulfill the need for personal sanctuary. Creating a sacred space in your home especially for (and together with) your child will give them a daily opportunity to connect with their own little souls and to find some peace and stillness within.

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